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Home Made Wheat-Free Muesli

If you are like me and enjoy muesli with a bit of fresh fruit for breakfast, then you'll be aware that the better brands, with around 25% fruit and nuts are pretty expensive per kilo. Plus they generally have a reasonably high percentage of cheap wheat flakes in the mix, which not everybody wants these days.
You can easily pay £3.99-£4.99 for around 800g
So, here's an alternative, and it begins by using 50% of the cheapest own brand oats you can find, and in the UK that's about 80-100p/kg. Then scout out your nearest wholefood shop where you can buy barley, rye or jumbo oats by the kilo, and whatever seeds etc you like. Finish off with the nuts and mixed fruit, and as well as the discount shops like Lidl, there are other ones that do good deals on big bags of walnuts and suchlike. If I can find them in a small Welsh town then I'm sure they are pretty widespread!

So, the recipe is very simple and produces a nice tasty muesli equally as good as the fancy brands, with 37.5%…

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